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When faced with darkness,

turn to the light within.

T.J. Russavage writes creative, playful, and emotional stories; fearlessly embracing vulnerability as a strength for both characters and readers with fantasy settings and situations.

Readers are invited to live vicariously through her world to experience all the highs and lows of life from the safety of the real world, a comfy chair, and their favorite beverage or snack. Be prepared to experience love, joy, anger, and pain with a side of irreverent humor during any adventure she takes you on with imperfect characters who can still find the beauty in themselves and each other.


Don’t forget to share your thoughts and theories on her Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook page to connect with other fans and forge new friendships.

Light and Shadow

You only live once.

Or do you?


Samantha Summers and her stepsister Sarah are magically transported into the realm of Thalen after reading a message from a spirit board. They soon learn their only way home is to embark on a quest for four ancient Relics with the power to save or destroy the world. On their journey Sam uncovers a secret that haunts her at every turn, further entangling her in the affairs and unfinished business of the kingdom.

Can Sam take charge of her destiny, or will she succumb to the web of fate already in motion?

Of course, there’s still her stepsister to think of, plus a handsome prince, a prophecy, and a past love.

What’s a girl to do?



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